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Nanjing Daye Company offers the following greenhouses and set facility services.

1、Greenhouse structure

For growingArch Series Greenhouse with sealed
       Arch Series Greenhouse with Open Roof
       Gable Series Greenhouse with Open Roof
       Sunlight greenhouse
       Shading Series
For marketingGable Series Greenhouse
        Flower House for Decoration
        Nonstandard Greenhouse as per Request
For familySmall forest® and Big forest® Hobby Greenhouse

2、 Ventilation design: Rolling film system and opening window with rack for ventilation.

3、 Covering method single-layer and double-layer film, single-layer corrugated polycarbonate and multi-wall polycarbonate

4、 Set facilities
a). heating/heat prevention!fuel hot blower, heat prevention screen system;
b). cooling/ventilation!fogging system、cooling pad wall system、shading screen system、all equipments for ventilation;
c). planting system!top spray, ground irrigation, auto fertilization system, CO2 and sunshine supplementary system

5、Control methodmanual control, sensor control, monoboard computer control, integrated computer system monitoring

6、Integrated facilityassembly workshop or control room, flower soilless cultivation, plant growing conditioner, soil conditioner, all kinds of flowers, seeding and set facilities technique material.

7、Greenhouse and entertainment spare partsall types of clips for greenhouse、China made or imported film, inside and outside sunshade structure of greenhouse, etc.
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