Place Brief introduction

  Daye (Nanjing) Greenhouse Engineering Company, hereafter refers Daye Company, is specially engaged in not only the construction and development of modern greenhouse engineering system, also the introduction and spreading of the modern agricultural technology.

  From the date of its setting up, Daye Company aimed at pushing the development of China facility agriculture and made applying to China's situation as the basic prerequisite.

  The key technology of Daye Company's greenhouse is from practice. In addition, it also fully imbibes the related technology from other developed countries such as United States and countries in Europe and North America. Considering the current economy situation in China, Daye Company especially emphasized to the operation cost of its greenhouses which should be affordable to Chinese people. The above ideology has been thoroughly practiced in the technology introduction, development and designing by the company's technicians, especially in the successful application and popularization of the connecting film shed with high heat prevention.

  Effectiveness, efficiency and cheapness are the distinguishing features of Daye greenhouses.

  Daye Company is a State invested greenhouse enterprise with independent production and development capability. Our products are widely applied in vegetable growing, culture of edible mushroom, gardening, breed aquatics of fish, shrimp, chicken, duck and pig etc. Besides the capability of producing all greenhouses, connecting film shed, standard film shed, livestock and poultry shed, aquatics products shed and its related services, Daye Company is also able to offer the advanced warehousing construction, carport, garage, light steel structure workshop and special steel structure products as per the request of customers.

  With its high-level and quick response aftersales team, Daye Company makes the quick solution of customers' problems in short time.

  Daye Company provides the series greenhouses from the basic to the advanced, and with the set facilities as well, which are applied under any climates.

  Daye (Nanjing) Greenhouse Engineering Company